Hide not your talents, they for use were made.  What's a sun-dial in the shade? - Benjamin Franklin
            Benjamin Franklin was always interested in the ways things worked, and how things could do what they do.  It was this curiosity that led Franklin into creating his inventions.  Ideas for his innovations came through experiences he gained through his life and problems he encountered with issues of the current product of that time.  Most people overlook this part of Benjamin Franklin's life because of his successes as a leader, politician and one of the founding fathers of our nation.

 Innovations of Benjamin Franklin

            The inventions of Benjamin Franklin are often overlooked.  As someone who was vision impared, Franklin had to wear glasses during everyday tasks.  One of the problems he found with this is that he had to switch between two pairs of glasses for things that were close up, such as reading fine print, and one pair for things which were at a further distance.  His solution to this was the Bifocal lense implemented into pairs of glasses and are most popular today.

            Lightning Rod's are common pieces you'll find on a large building, and many large wooden buildings after Benjamin Franklin invented them in 1752.  An often problem of Franklin's time period was buildings kept being burnt down due to lightning strikes.  Franklin sought a solution to this problem and found it through attaching a metal rod to the top of or near a large wooden building and have a cable attached to the rod and the other end buried deep into the ground so that when a lightning bolt struck the rod would attract the energy and transfer it into the ground where it would disperse.