Franklin as a Diplomat to France


After the Declaration of Independence was signed by Franklin, Franklin believed that America could not fight and win the war by themselves.  Franklin was believed to be escaping from America but his motives were to gain allies for America.  Franklin began his trip to France in the end of 1776 it was his second trip to France.

When Franklin arrived in France he was welcomed by several French political officials and aristocrats, because they have heard about all of his inventions and achievements. Franklin was looked upon as a simple "Quaker" from Pennsylvania, even though he wasn’t, he dressed like a backwoodsman and the French liked it.  When Franklin went to Versailles to meet with Louis XVI, the French King, he dressed like a farmer and the French couldn’t believe how smart he was with his appearance. 
Franklin spent a lot of time trying to persuade the French to join the Americans.  Franklin became a custom to the French way to help try to impress the French.  The French at the time didn’t want to fight a war with the English; the French Queen was completely against it.  The French did open their ports to trade arms with the Americans.  Franklin was having trouble to convince the French to fight a way for almost nothing in return.

Franklin was using French fears against the French to pursue them into the war.  Franklin was telling the French that they needed a good ally in the new world.  Franklin was also reassuring that the British Army was becoming to occupied and that British General Howe, the main general in America for Britain, was not fully committed to the war.  For Franklin the British had lost a major battle at Saratoga.

Franklin had spent two years in France trying to get France to ally themselves with the Americans, and in 1778 Louis XVI signed two treaties with America.  One treaty was a commercial agreement and the other a pledge to support America militarily.

Franklin stayed in France till the end of the war to make sure the alliance was strong.  Franklin is considered one of the greatest American diplomats because he brought France into the war and if that didn’t happen America may not be here today.